Scarves and foulards


The Italian company Arteseta produces a wide range of silk scarves and foulards. We integrate artisanal and manual techniques with tailoring processes that make use of industrial machinery. Our fabric catalog is large and diverse. Thanks to the personalization of relationships with each customer, we can satisfy any request.


The standard dimensions of the silk scarves are 70×70 cm or 90×90 cm. The classic decoration consists of a framed square with a single-color border completed by modular, floral, and geometric prints in the central part. The number of colors varies according to the type of printing, generally starting from a minimum of four. Our silk is so light that a 70cm-sized scarf weighs just 16 momi (approximately 110 grams). Thanks to its negligible weight, this precious fabric is ethereal and almost impalpable.


Our high-quality silk allows you to finish the edges of scarves and foulards both manually and by machine. The very light but resistant fabric can undergo industrial processes without the risk of damage.