High Fashion Fabrics


ArteSeta is an Italian company specialized in the production of fabrics for ateliers and tailoring workshops. Operating in the sector for many years now, we sell our products on the global market.
Our business focuses on the production of high fashion fabrics. Our skilled and expert craftsmen apply the most modern processing techniques to the best raw materials.


We can finish our shiny silks with a glossy or matte effect according to the customer’s requests. As for the aesthetic aspect, we propose solid color fabrics or prints with floral or geometric motifs.
ArteSeta is part of the Como Silk Association which provides its members with a test laboratory for mechanical, physical, ecological, and dyeing checks. The goal is to support the improvement of Como textile products.


In addition to silk, our fabric catalog includes cotton, linen, wool, and jacquard. This latter fabric allows you to create countless patterns and designs, thanks to its versatility.
Our constant attention to cost containment allows us to offer customers products with an excellent quality/price ratio.