The silk scarves and shawls are made with both artisanal and manual processes both with tailoring and industrial machinery. Arteseta, based in Cavallasca, in the province of Como, offers a very wide range of fabrics and establishes a personalised relationship with customers aimed at fulfilling any orders.


The silk scarves usually have dimensions ranging from 70 cm x 70 cm to 90 cm x 90 cm. The classical decoration is constituted by a sort of framed pane with a single colour edge and the central part characterised by modular, floral and geometric prints. The number of colours differs depending on the type of printing, typically, however, one starts from a minimum of four for very simple fabrics. Silk provided by Arteseta is so light that a 70 cm scarf weighs just 16 momme, a measurement unit which corresponds to about 110 grams. It is a negligible weight as compared to the increase in the intangible and almost ethereal effect of this precious fabric.


The silk quality is such that it lends itself to the execution of the edges of both manual and machine finishing of scarves and shawls. The fabric, in fact, is very resistant and is not damaged even by industrial type detergents.

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