fashionable shirts

The production of textiles for high fashion clothing is curated by skilled craftsmen, who not only know the raw materials very well, but are also able to work with the most modern techniques.

Arteseta, based in Cavallasca, in the province of Como, has been operating in the field of international trade in textiles for ateliers and tailors for many years.


Silk is one of the most used fashionable fabrics, thanks to features such as extreme lightness resulting from a very small thickness, which also helps to increase the fit. The products of Arteseta includes silk fabrics resistant to deformation, thin until it starts feeling ethereal, soft and smooth to the touch, brilliant and with shiny and matte effect.

Customers can also choose coloured or printed fabrics combined with floral or geometric patterns.

The company is member of the Silk Association of Como area which promotes the improvement of the products of its members, providing them with a test lab where mechanical, physical, ecological and Dyeing controls are easily available.


In addition to silk, the catalogue of fabrics includes cotton, linen, wool and jacquard.

The versatility of the latter fabric allows manufacturers to create countless patterns and designs.

The company philosophy is centred on a large focus on costs, in order to offer our customers products with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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